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The Lab scientific Supplies

Business Address: Shop#3, Daud Atif center, Syed Moj Darya Road (Edward Road).
Lahore, Pakistan
Phone: +92 03004965667, +92 0309-9019288, +92 03037306801
Email Address: info@tlssupplies.com, awch@hotmail.com
Countries Covered: Pakistan


Related Companies

Official Manufacturers: Atlas Corporation (Lab plastic & glass ware importers)
Calbiotech – manufacturing Elisa kits – GmbH (Germany)
Eppendorf pipettes – GmbH (Germany)
Rapid test devices {Bio check, Accu check, Nova, Accu Rate} (UK, USA, GmbH, itly, china)
Blood gas analyzer Gem premier 3000 – IL-USA, alliance with Electro-Medical Equipment Services, Lahore, Pakistan

Biochemistry Kits: Human, DiaSyS, Wiener Lab, Bio System.



Company Information

Company Type: Distributor, Independent Sales Agent, Lab general, Service Provider (Business), Service Provider (Scientific)
End User Type: Hospitals diagnostic Labs, University Research Laboratories.
Areas of Expertise: The Lab scientific Supplies (Tlss) has an extensive background in Analysis and Laboratory Automation.
About Us: The Lab Scientific Supplies (Tlss) markets and sells advanced high quality products for the life sciences.
Scientific Services: Quality Control and laboratory system
Business Services: [Distributor Management], [Marketing Services]
Product Type: Lab general items (Plastic & glass ware, Elisa kits, Manual chemistry kits, Rapid test devices, Blood gas analyzer, variable pipettes.


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